Copenhagen 2.0


To mark the launch of the new Art and History department of Copenhagen City, Gibson Group with graphic artist partners Spild af Tid have re-imagined the original Copenhagen Wall which opened 5 years ago.   

The digital engineering is now updated to our TouchCity 2.0 platform, which was launched in Texas for the DIGIE wall earlier this year. Creatively, the whole city interface has been rebuilt in one vast perspective, so that users can travel endlessly through the cityscape, which incorporates new areas and expanded interactions and content around the institutions making up Art and History. 

The platform is packed with new features, and for the new Copenhagen Wall includes one screen dedicated to providing information to the public on the new museum being built, and seeking their participation for exhibition development. 

The launch was marked in true Danish fashion with the crowds being treated to mulled wine to ward off the chilly conditions.


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