Gibson Group wins two awards at the NZ On Air 15,000 Hours Celebration

New Zealand On Air celebrated its 15,000th hour
Date: Thu, August 30 2007

New Zealand On Air celebrated its 15,000th hour of locally made and funded television at Parliament on 27 August with a light-hearted award ceremony acknowledging some of the identities and icons who have contributed to New Zealand television over the 18 years since NZ On Air was established . . .

The Short But Sweet Award for programmes that show that size really doesn't matter and don't have to be long or long running to make an impact, went to the mobisode drama MyStory.

The Young Guns Award for the shows that use ingenuity and imagination to enthuse and excite media-savvy children from all walks of life to grow into the future movers and shakers of New Zealand, went to the interactive kids quiz series The Simon Eliot Show.

Thanks NZ On Air!