New! - very different comedy website being launched


After a long gestation period and aided by many very skilled and talented people, the Mash Pit Comedy project is officially being launched this on Monday 7th September.

Join up, upload a video and comment on videos etc... Enjoy!

Mash Pit Comedy will put your totes awes hilarious video creations on TV. And it won't cost you a thing. In fact it could earn you fame, adulation and prizes. ZOMG.

One catch: it has to be funny. Who decides? Everyone using the site determines if your comedy is funny enough to get on TV.

Added bonus: Not only can you make original comedy clips, Mash Pit Comedy allows you to re-mix / mash-up / re-edit / re-voice / mess-with any video posted on the site. This is comedy you can share, tear-up and make into a whole new hilarious beast.

Tempted? Of course you are.

Jump in and start uploading, downloading, mashing and most of all LOL-ing.