Remembering our friend and colleague Wayne Biggs

Long time Gibson Group collaborator passes away

We are remembering our friend and colleague Wayne Biggs (known to most of us as Biggsy or Biggo) who passed away recently after a long illness.  Wayne worked with us on many productions, including Operation Hero, Poking the Borax, Paradise Café, Welcome to Paradise, Giggles, various Detective shows and many others.  Even after he moved to Dunedin a few years ago, we continued to seek him out to work with us because he brought an incomparable set of skills, and most importantly, an energy and commitment to his work which was infectious to others working with him.  We loved the way he thought, the love he had for his family and friends and the enthusiasm with which he lived life.  We miss him dearly.  Our thoughts are with his wife and sons, and his family and friends who all loved him very much.  This is a photo of him that we treasure.