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Cairo Touch Wall , a Gibson Walls project.

Sanduq al-Dunia: a preview in Copenhagen of the future Cairo Wall

Loosely translated as the ‘world in a box,’ Sanduq el-Dunia is the name given to the future interactive Wall for the city of Cairo.  

As part of the annual Images Festival in Copenhagen, a fully working preview of Sanduq el-Dunia has been installed on the Museum of Copenhagen's "mothership" WALL in central Copenhagen.

Two leading Egyptian street artists have travelled to Copenhagen and transformed the outer housing of the WALL with the unique Cairo graffiti style.

On the inside, the WALL's giant touchscreens have a new CityScape user interface, created on the proprietary TouchCity™ engine by Gibson's graphic artist partners Space and Time from some beautiful and engaging contemporary and archival imagery collected by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute.

A temporary widget layer has been created in HTML and is being rendered in real-time by the WALL's CityScape Render Engine.  The widget layer is a limited functionality preview of what will ultimately be a very sophisticated user interface, but even in this preview installation the user is able to switch between English and Arabic, send postcards, share images by email, search on any term, and bring up all images theme by theme.

The Cairo cityscape is running on the WALL's existing cityscape render engine with some temporary code modifying it for the duration of the festival.

To download the Cairo Touch Wall brochure click here

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