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Interactive Work Table

This screen-free digital touch solution gives art museum visitors a hands-on introduction to lithographic techniques in the manner of the master. For a video showing it in action click here.

Interactive Work Table

Museum Jorn wanted visitors to be able to explore the printing processes and techniques behind its large collection of graphic works by Danish artist Asper Jorn.  But they wanted an experience that was itself creative, and which was "a shared digital experience, unlike the individual virtual universe of our everyday digital media". 

They called in long standing Gibson Group partners, the celebrated Danish graphic artists Space and Time, to meet the challenge.  They developed an innovative interactive interface and front end application, driven by Gibson Group's 3D engine and technical integration solutions.


Embedding into the exhibit a state-of-the-art PQ Labs touch frame like the giant one the partners used for their 36' Texas TouchCity Wall, this "haptic interactive" work table provides the visitor with a tactile and realistic introduction to the making of a lithograph and an engraving, using projections on tangible work tools on a wooden work table.

Users draw their own creation on an actual lithography limestone, or create their own engraving on a copper plate. They are guided step-by-step through the process, and introduced to the tools used for these printing methods.


Burin, inks, lithographic crayon, sponge, turpentine and other tools are placed on the work table and act as real world touch points for the user. Once completed, the final image can be shared with others or saved by scanning a QR-code.