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Ka Mate Haka

The Gibson Group developed interactive software for an immersive experience that allows visitors to learn the famous Ka Mate haka.

The experience uses a series of z-depth cameras to capture each visitor and superimpose their silhouette over virtual haka instructors. Analytical software then heightens the experience by giving real time feedback, as each visitor attempts to keep in time with his or her instructor.
The five-minute experience culminates in a final performance, which is recorded and replayed on exterior monitors for the visitors as a group to enjoy post-experience. They can also download their performance onto branded USB’s to takeaway as a souvenir.

Designed as a travelling exhibition, it was first installed in the main lobby of the Museum of New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup 2011, where it has been hugely popular with both local and international audiences.

Commissioned by Story Inc, The Gibson Group developed all software systems, including show control and production of video content.