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A radical interactive visitor experience at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

OurSpace won the UNESCO World Summit Award for eContent and Creativity (eLearning and Science).

Photo courtesy of Te Papa

It uses technology, photographic images and video footage to explore themes of New Zealand's identity through The Map, The Wall and two simulator rides: the Deep Ride and the High Ride.

Visitors use state of the art technology to generate content, creating their vision of New Zealand on The Map and The Wall.


Photo courtesy of Te Papa
Photo courtesy of Te Papa

Gibson Group created the concept, design, and all interactive technology for it, from the unique accelerometer and laser mash-up tool for the 18 metre long interactive video wall, to the cool i-Pod style media database browsing applications.

OurSpace is both virtual space and exhibition space, where user generated content floats alongside treasures from our national museum.

As well as the stunning new technology driven by our own software developments, the edutainment motion platform ride films were also created by Gibson Group. Click here for the DEEP RIDE VIDEO on youtube.