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Puke Ariki Wetlands Insects

Puke Ariki Interactive Insects

A powerful interactive learning tool that is both physical and fun.

Puke Ariki Museum wanted a playful visitor experience to sit alongside a wetlands exhibition. It needed to be something interactive that would fit easily into its surrounds and highlight the insects native to the wetlands environment that people would not otherwise see.

The interactive uses a commercial camera system which tracks the movement of each visitor, with bespoke software moving each insect in reaction to the visitor’s actions. It makes for an enchanting experience that invites onlookers to try it out, and can be a physically active or more meditative experience.

The interactive has been put to the test with pint sized kindergarten children through to teenagers and adults, all universally declaring it “awesome”.

Younger children are particularly excited to learn about each individual insect while simultaneously trying to catch them. Teenagers tend to focus on catching the insects, while adults enjoy the relaxing look and feel of the pond like environment.

“What we have created is a powerful learning tool that is fun and physical, but works in harmony with the environment it resides in, namely the more traditional museum exhibits. It’s been so popular we’ve have been requested to introduce it to the kindergarten curriculum.”

-    Allan Smith, Director – Visitor Experiences

For more information about the interactive please contact Allan Smith.