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Tjibaou Cultural Centre

This stunning visitor centre for indigenous culture in New Caledonia was designed by renowned Italian architects Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

To watch a video about the centre click here.

We won their international tender competition to produce the introductory high energy attraction, over companies from Canada, Australia and France.

The show played continuously on a 180-degree curved screen, 15 metres by 4 metres, in a purpose designed circular theatre.

We developed a concept to fully harness the immersive capabilities of this environment - a 10 minute epic multimedia poem that evokes the meeting of the Kanak dreamtime with French colonial reality…

While contentious with some elements of Noumea society, the show was embraced passionately by the Kanak people, and for the 7 years of the exhibition's life it attracted large audiences.

With such a huge image canvas at our command, we achieved the hallmark poetic qualities by pioneering new post-production techniques of visual layering, and it was the movement and interplay of these layers of images that creates a truly active and immersive visitor experience.

We were responsible for original concept, script development, film production (35mm), installation and show programming.