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TouchCity™ , a Gibson Walls product.

GibsonWalls is an international award-winning creative technology that allows multiple users to explore the past, present, and future of their city on a massive interactive touchscreen wall. It uses the Gibson Group's proprietary TouchCity™ software.

Screens of varying size and layout can be installed into either interior or exterior locations.  They can also be built into transportable units that travel around a city and into communities.

At the heart of the GibsonWalls technology is the "CityScape™" user interface - an artistically composed and endless 3D graphic landscape created expressly from the image collection material of each project using the CityScape™ Render Engine. This 3D cityscape user interface is what the public uses to navigate through the image collection using touch and drag gestures.

The CityScape™ created by Space and Time for Sanduq el-Dunia, a prototype version of a GibsonWalls project for Cairo.

Each image in the cityscape can be "opened" to reveal the metadata associated with it (title, description, date, contributor, and so on). A second layer of the user interface allows the public to filter the collection by theme, sort it chronologically.  

Any image displayed can be sent to the visitor's email or social network account.  

GibsonWalls interactive walls are produced in partnership with celebrated international graphic artists Space and Time and the Museum of Copenhagen, who commissioned and co-created the original GibsonWall.  More details on ownership and licensing below.

Click here for a video of the original GibsonWall  in action. 

For questions regarding GibsonWalls installations and exhibits:

In North America, UK and Norway kindly contact our representative:          


+1 203 451 1160

Elsewhere in the world:

Brett Tompkins brett@gibson.co.nz 
Allan Smith allan@gibson.co.nz
Gibson Group
+64 4 801 2480

For more information on our Gibson Walls  product see GibsonWalls.com.


GibsonWalls are organic – they can constantly grow and change. Clients are able to enter additional content as it becomes available. This means the installation has a long shelf life and strong legacy. The Copenhagen WALL is open to the street 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has been successfully operating for over 5 years now.

Self-managing - there is no requirement to rely on the software supplier for day-to-day updating of content. The client can manage the content via an administration interface that comes with the package, reducing ongoing operating costs.

Additional functionality can also be incorporated as opportunities arise - such as ‘click through’ to websites and temporary exhibition displays for one-off city events or sponsor requirements.
GibsonWalls and the TouchCity™ technology are an open approach to exhibiting collections, with the public being able to navigate the experience as they please, interact directly with the content in real-time, and contribute their own thoughts and images. There are great opportunities for clients to actively gather community views and sentiment on city and other development projects.

The installation does not normally require any ‘front of house’ hosting during opening hours, thus reducing on-going staff costs.

Cost effective - when compared to capital expenditure for traditional museum and gallery construction. There are also sponsorship and ongoing revenue opportunities to reduce capital and operational costs.
Flexible – indoor and outdoor applications with a multitude of hardware options.

Scalable - add more locations without large additional software and network architecture costs (multiple iterations and locations for a Wall use the same master database server and back end admin software).

Local partnerships – Gibson Group has a policy of using local engineering and talent to work on our projects where possible, in consultation with our experienced technical and creative team. We also train local suppliers and in-house staff allowing a local workforce to take over day-to-day operations.

Transportable – mobile versions can engage the public at street level and beyond the confines of a physical institution. And not only can your city’s story reach local communities at a grassroots level but also reach regional and national audiences through touring.

Ownership and licensing

Custom designed systems and artistic concepts were developed in partnership between Gibson Group and the Museum of Copenhagen in order to create the museum’s “Væggen” (The WALL) interactive GibsonWalls installation, which opened in 2009, and was recognized in 2012 by the American Association of Museum’s Gold award in the category of Interactive Kiosks and by their supreme overall award for excellence, the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award.

These unique systems consist of original conceptual and artistic models, bespoke proprietary software and firmware, and specialised project management know-how, and are unlike any other currently available interactive wall product. 

These exclusive systems are now made available by the partners to other museum, community and corporate projects, with the unique software and firmware package known as the TouchCity™ Render Engine, and the distinctive proprietary 3D Graphical Interface engine known as the CityScape™ Touch Interface. 

The systems are protected by copyright and are trade secrets.

Intellectual Property in the source code, artwork and concepts of GibsonWalls, TouchCity™ and CityScape™ is jointly owned by Gibson Group and the Museum of Copenhagen. 

For the purposes of supplying services and products to create new GibsonWalls, Gibson Group is the authorized agent on behalf of the owners and the sole supplier of the GibsonWalls, TouchCity™ and Cityscape™ proprietary systems, and such projects are undertaken by Gibson Group in consultation with the Museum of Copenhagen.