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Tumu Toka Curio Bay

Curio Bay Tumu Toka Natural Heritage Centre


Gibson Group is excited to see the completion of the Curio Bay Tumu Toka Natural Heritage Centre.

Enter through The Gateway to explore the fascinating CurioScape Interactive Wall. Progress through to the theatre "On the Edge"  to enjoy a spectacular immersive experience.

Through to The Ericson Room to view examples of the Petrified Forest, other interesting artifacts and descriptions of the native flora and fauna of the area.

There is a handy mobile app that is used in the surrounding area to identify local attractions. 




Director Brett Tompkins and Producer Bonnie Low checking out the CurioScape Interactive

Brett and Bonnie are enjoying the CurioScape Interactive Wall.

Wow How beautiful is the sunset

The spectacular Immersive Theatre.

Priceless examples of Petrified Wood

The awesome Ericson Room

You can read an article from the Otago Daily Times here